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Annachristie Sapphire is a modern day minstrel. From the Philadelphia underground music scene to the vast arms of California’s Mojave desert, Currently based in Portland Oregon. 
Annachristie's songwriting lends itself to an emotionally evocative experience for her listeners time and time again.
She explores new measures of experimental Folk and Desert Rock by marrying the genres with styles more grunge, dreamlike, and enduring- 
reminiscent to the rawness and unabashedness brought to light by many of our favorite music rebels of the 90’s. 
With this, Sapphire create a sense of nostalgia even for those who might be hearing her music for the first time. Her melodies are like a bridge transporting you to a wild place where you will find yourself content in listening to her song, 
And yet the strength and clearness of her voice will awaken you from the dream like state you have found yourself in. 

Annachristie has shared the stage with household favorites such as First Aid Kit, Amos Lee, Langhorne Slim, As well as Victoria Williams.
In fact Don't be surprised if you hear the beloved Victoria Williams distinctive and quirky voice singing harmonies on Annachristie Sapphires's forthcoming LP 
Titled "Desert Car" Which is incidentally about a 1992 Buick Road master Station Wagon. Before you know it you will find yourself in the passenger seat 
singing along to an incredibly catchy pre-chorus/chorus. “Desert Car” is as freeing as it was written to be. 

The first single released, "Cut The Line”  
Musically illustrates the human desire of fishing for love, 
Her original melodies will reel you in with 1950's inspired backup vocals,
and atmospheric soundscapes draw the listener into a sensational
 world unrivaled by others.

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